Tailored Training

Our tailored training solution is a cost-effective option when the curriculum needs to be tailored to your needs.

The training packages have been designed to support typical user profiles. If your needs are different, it’s possible to tailor the curriculum. Training packages can be combined, downscaled and upscaled. Last  but not least, it’s possible to receive training on the ECLIPSE modules for which no standard training packages are available.

Some examples of combing training packages:

  • eRID for Review Managers and DCCM Advanced. The combination of these training packages enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of a RID review from beginning to end. This includes creation and management of RID reviews, management of associated Action Items and bringing in documents that need to be reviewed.
  • ECLIPSE administrator. This is Administrator level training spans all modules of ECLIPSE. Its duration is one day. This means it’s much faster than doing all administrator level training packages for the different modules.
  • If basic training is requested for two modules, they can be combined cutting down the time needed. Time can be saved because some features are standardised across ECLIPSE. A typical example of this is the search function.

Some examples of downscaling training packages:

  • Feature specific training
  • Questions and answers sessions
  • Module overview training

Training can also be upscaled to include skills and knowledge about the process that’s being supported by ECLIPSE. Some examples:

  • DCCM training combined with Configuration Management Essentials
  • eRISK training combined with MoR® (Management of Risk) Foundation / Practitioner training
  • eNCTS training combined with ISO-based Internal Auditor training

Last but not least, it’s possible to receive training on the modules of ECLIPSE that have no standard training packages, like DAB, DASH, PCM, EEE and ICMDB.

Tailoring also allows us to fit the training delivery to your specific situation. This way, training is possible even when dealing with deadlines and limited availability of staff.

Apart from embedding eRID training into kick off meetings, we often adapt training delivery to act within the constraints of our client’s environments. Here are some examples:

  • Post-implementation, plan and deliver a series of 1 hour online training sessions every week for a period of time. Each session addresses a feature. There is also time to for questions that may come up when starting to work with ECLIPSE.
  • Deliver ‘staggered’ training. Start the training course with basic training for all users. Everyone who needed just the basics then leaves. Then advanced level training is delivered. Everyone who doesn’t need administrator training then leaves. The training session is concluded with administrator level training.
  • Deliver training outside normal working hours.

If you would like to find out more about our tailored training options, contact us now.