ECLIPSE Helpdesk: Information on how we help!

Need help? Why not ask your helpdesk? Helpdesks are used by all organisatonal sizes. It provides a centralized point of contact for customers to seek assistance with any issues they may face while using a particular product or service.

At ECLIPSE Software Suite it is not different.

In this blog, we will discuss what type of helpdesk you can expect from the ECLIPSE Software Suite and how it can help you manage your space projects effectively.

Benefits of using a helpdesk

As a space project management software, ECLIPSE Software Suite understands the importance of providing customer support. Choosing a helpdesk gives our customers several benefits:

  • Centralized point of contact for all their support needs
  • Timely and practical solutions to customer issues
  • Improving and increasing user experience
  • Access to a team of experts within a few clicks
  • Gain valuable insights into needs and pain points

Overall, working with an organization that can help your team with support will give your team a better customer experience.

Helpdesk solutions offered by ECLIPSE Software Suite

We offer the following support:

Basic support

Our basic support package covers a wide range of services, including email support. Ofcourse you can email us 24/7, and our team of experts will create a ticket and assist you with any issues or questions you. Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties or have a question on how a module works, we’re here to help.

In addition to email support, we also offer online support resources that are accessible at any time, from anywhere.

  • FAQs: find quick answers to common questions.
  • Video tutorials: Learn how to use ECLIPSE with our detailed video guides.
  • User manuals: Dive deeper into software functionalities with our comprehensive manuals.

With the basic helpdesk services, you can be confident that your space project management needs will be taken care of, allowing you to focus on what really matters: running your space projects with efficiency and ease.

Custom support

Custom helpdesk services can be tailored to your specific needs and can aspects beyond traditional support. Here are some examples:

  • Training and onboarding: Providing customized training programs for your end-users and helpdesk staff on specific software, processes, or troubleshooting techniques.
  • On-premises helpdesk: Setting up and managing a helpdesk system within your own infrastructure, potentially integrating with existing systems.
  • Knowledge base creation and management: Developing and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base of FAQs, user manuals, and troubleshooting guides specific to your organization.
  • Customizable ticketing system: Configuring a ticketing system to suit your specific needs, including custom fields, workflows, and automation features.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generating customized reports and providing insights into performance, user trends, and areas for improvement

Custom support depends on your needs, and we can make a specific offer that will fit it.

Helpdesk Agreement Options

There are several options we can offer you to give you the best type of helpdesk. We need to aim to get the best fit with your organisation:

Helpdesk agreement options include:

  • Tiered Service Level Agreements: Varying service levels at different costs (e.g., faster response times).
  • Pay-as-you-go: Pay for support only when needed (e.g., per ticket)
  • Prepaid support hours: Purchase a block of hours for incident resolution, consulting, or training.
  • Prepaid support tickets: Buy a set number of tickets for individual issues or questions

Types of questions that can be addressed by the helpdesk

If you’re considering ECLIPSE Software Suite for your company’s space project management needs, you can rest assured that you will have access to a comprehensive helpdesk. Here’s what you can expect from the ECLIPSE support team:

  • Expertise in the software: The ECLIPSE support team is well-versed in the software and can address a wide range of questions.
  • Technical assistance: The helpdesk can assist with technical issues related to the ECLIPSE Software Suite.
  • Implementation and configuration support: The team can help with implementation and configuration questions to ensure that the software is set up correctly.
  • Usage and functionality inquiries: The helpdesk can provide guidance on how to use the software and answer any questions related to its functionality.
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution: If you encounter any issues while using the software, the helpdesk can provide support to resolve them.

Choose to work with our team and be confident that you will receive the support you need to make the most of the space project management software.

ECLIPSE Helpdesk Services

We have ECLIPSE Software Suite has your back. With the help of their knowledgeable support team, users of ECLIPSE can quickly resolve any technical or operational issues they may encounter, ensuring smooth and efficient project management.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ECLIPSE Software Suite’s helpdesk for assistance. As the old saying goes, no question is a dumb question.


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