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On-premises software hosting can be costly for many organisations from a maintenance and operational point of view. With our ECLIPSE Software as a Service (SaaS), we provide organisations, especially micro and small to medium-sized companies (SMEs), with access in no time to a pre-configured and managed ECLIPSE environment in a Secure Cloud. It’s easy, fast and hassle-free

Implementation and Configuration Services

Utilising best practices and space industry experience, our ECLIPSE Professional Services consultants can help you plan, configure and implement a single or multiple ECLIPSE modules instance in an existing or new client-hosted environment

Data Migration

ECLIPSE has knowledge of and expertise with the challenges of data migration, integration, and management. Our professional service team members will bring their knowledge, gained from working on hundreds of projects for a wide variety of clients, platforms, and target systems, to make the transition between your legacy systems and ECLIPSE software platforms

Operational Support Services

ECLIPSE operational support services ensure your peace of mind by providing top notch incident/problem management and user support services during standard business hours. Our services are built on solid ITIL processes and delivered by highly qualified staff under ISO 9001:2008. Choose from our three plans to support you at every phase of your project or business growth

Analytics and Dashboards

ECLIPSE modules all have pre-build reports readily available for you to transform your data into powerful dashboards. This service will go one step further and help turn your data into custom enterprise level dashboards and reports that can be shared with the entire organisation

Space Project Database Design & Configuration

This service has been designed to help non-IT staff to create their own database without needing the IT department. Capture, control and manage key projects data or space-specific business processes in just a few clicks

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