Enhance your project & mission management

Deliver on projects with high accuracy, whether big or small. Use the modules to organise project data, get an overview, collaborate with team members, and ensure compliance. It's possible with the ECLIPSE Software Suite.

<p>Document Configuration and Change Management module screen</p>


Document Configuration and Change Management

The ECLIPSE DCCM module allows members of a project to create a document, its reference, its applicability and status according to pre-defined user access rights and security rules

  • Performs fully traceable document reviews and approval cycles
  • Provides folder-based document security access
  • Customisable document metadata in accordance to the needs of a project or mission
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 Review Items of Discrepancy Module Screen


Review Items of Discrepancy

The ECLIPSE eRID module supports space project and mission teams through the preparation, set-up, management and control of formal project and mission reviews

  • End-to-end online management of space project reviews throughout the supply chain
  • Set-up of industrial team, panels and board members with appropriate access rights
  • Set-up of technical documentation (system requirements and data packs)
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 Action items Management Module Screen


Action items Management

Action Items tracking is important not only for dealing with technical issues and monitoring the progress of their resolution and closure but also for commercial and financial reasons. A complete project Action Item List is often a deliverable at key project milestone reviews

  • Centralised access point to all existing actions within a specific project environment
  • Customisable Action Item metadata, based on specific customer requirements
  • Extensive search and reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
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 ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Tracking System Module Screen


ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Tracking System

The Non-Conformance Tracking System is the only commercially available ECSS compliant software that enables recording, monitoring and closure of Non-Conformances found during the design, manufacture, assembly, integration and testing phases of space system engineering projects

  • Access to NCs, NRBs, actions and attachments based on a user’s product tree access
  • Provides one-click access to NRB participants, attachments and actions
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
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 Database Application Builder Module Screen


Database Application Builder

Replace your uncontrolled and risk prone Excel spreadsheets with a secure, robust and configurable software product. DAB allows you to build your own online collaborative database. Manage your processes and data with your colleagues using existing functionalities already available across ECLIPSE in your custom Applications and link them across all modules

  • Easy to configure online databases within minutes
  • Ability to produce powerful dashboards and visualisation of your data
  • Enabled with “formula” fields using a scientific calculator to perform function calculations and data manipulation
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 Dashboard Manager Module Screen


Dashboard Manager

Give your team the power of live Key Performance Indicators with graphical visualisation for your ECLIPSE modules and processes. The Dashboard Manager (DASH) module allows users to generate tailored and downloadable Excel dashboard reports, as well as providing a centrally managed standard set of online reports and graphs for core modules (AIM and NCTS) KPIs

  • Real-time data “snapshot” in one click
  • Fast, efficient and consistent way to report
  • Calculating and charting capabilities to build powerful and flexible dashboards
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 ECLIPSE Risk Management Module Screen


ECLIPSE Risk Management

The eRISK module fully supports the specific risk management process needs of space projects and missions. It allows recording, monitoring, assessing and resolving risks identified in and associated with a complex engineering or scientific project

  • Supports the entire Risk Management process
  • Provides risk assessment history for each Risk Item
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
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 Project Control and Management Module Screen


Project Control and Management

ECLIPSE PCM enables your team to manage and deliver against challenging project plans, keeping track of budgets, expenditure evolution and cost to completion. Throughout a project’s lifetime, it permits tactical and strategic decisions to be made at the right time to support project success

  • Easy to use timesheets entry and budget tracking
  • Extensive searching and custom reporting capabilities
  • Create multi-level WBS for each project
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 Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical Database	 Module Screen


Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical Database

The ECLIPSE EEE Database allows creating, storing and qualifying EEE parts for future usage in any space project, as well as accessing a record of EEE parts which shows their utilisation in previous projects

  • Allows the management of parts selection process in space industry projects
  • Provides a user-friendly tool that industrial teams trust to use in the creation of official DCLs online
  • Creates an easy-to-access trusted database of EEE parts used in previous projects
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ECLIPSE Software Suite features

  • Centralised management console

    Manage permissions and user access to modules, data, and folders in a free module with a few clicks.

  • Integrated and online system

    All modules are integrated into a single system, so you can easily view, share and manage your items in one place.

  • Technical support

    A wide range of technical support is available. From chatbots, guides, account managers and consulting services.

  • Short implementation time

    Easy to use and fast to implement, you can be up and running in no time. We can help you every step of the way.

  • Integration with other apps

    Use XML, Microsoft Office, eMail and other Business Intelligence tools to create, share and collaborate on documents and reports.

  • Ensure data security and integrity through traceability

    With every change and update tracked, you can be confident that your data is accurate, up to date and secure.