Analytics and Dashboards Services

Our Analytics and Dashboards service takes the ECLIPSE DASH application to the next level of data analytics and custom reporting.

We will take your data scenarios and show you how you can easily visualize and analyze them. We will help you to quickly turn your findings into enterprise-level dashboards and reports that can be shared with the entire organization.

Sapienza offers two types of reporting services:

A Fixed Price Service whereby we can provide a fixed price quote on the basis of well-defined requirements. Sapienza will work with the client to specify the requirements and develop the report(s) and dashboards remotely

An Hourly Rate Service whereby a block of hours is more suitable for customers that do not have well defined reports and want to work iteratively. The hours can also be used for one on one coaching to develop reports and dashboards together.

The ECLIPSE Software Suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency

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