Ensure project security and compliance with QA and PA standards by using the ECLIPSE Document Management Solution. A system to track, manage, change, configure, and store documents.

The Document Management System is an integrated solution of the ECLIPSE Software Suite and can be used for controlling all types of documents, from simple PDFs to complex engineering drawings. Authorised users can store files in a central repository which can be configured and traced.

ECLIPSE Document Management Solution

The ECLIPSE Document Management Solution is an essential tool for teams that manage documents on a large scale. This ECLIPSE Software Solution provides a simple user interface that makes it easy to add, delete, and comment on documents. This allows users to quickly identify and resolve any issues within their projects. ECLIPSE also includes dashboards and a report generator that helps create custom reports on actions open for documents. This will enable managers to track the progress of resolving any problems faster.

Configuring documents based on your needs is simple with the ECLIPSE Software Suite. Change requests can be made quickly and easily, so your team always has the most up-to-date documents. Next to this, every document change is fully traceable. Easily manage your documents in one central location. The integrated document management system will save you time and energy by keeping all your records in one place. Get this essential tool to keep your team compliant with standards and improve your workflow today.

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Benefits with this solution

Key benefits of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s Document Management needs include:

Document Management System

Improved efficiency

Automates and streamlines the entire document management process.

Document Management System

Faster compliance

Helps you maintain compliance with quality standards by providing a complete audit trail of all documents.

Document Management System

Increased transparency

Provides up-to-date, real-time visibility into the status of all documents.

Document Management System

Improved communication

Facilitates communication between all stakeholders involved in the document management process.

Document Management System

What is Document Management?

Document management is the process of storing, managing, and tracking documents. It helps organizations to keep track of their documents, so they can easily find and retrieve them when needed.

Document management systems (DMS) provide a way to organize and store documents in an electronic format. This makes it easy to search for and retrieve documents from a central location.

They can also help to track who has accessed and edited a document, and when. This is important for compliance with standards and regulations.

Why do you need a Document Management System?

A simple filing system can work for a small organization with a few documents. But as the number of documents grows, finding and retrieving them becomes more difficult. This is where a document management system can help.

A document management system provides a way to store and organize documents securely, efficiently, and in compliance with standards. Document management systems like ECLIPSE can increase productivity, save time and money, and reduce the risk of errors.

Document Management System
Document Management with ECLIPSE

Document Configuration and Change Management with ECLIPSE

Do you want to be in complete control of your documents? With ECLIPSE you can:

  • Configure documents based on your needs
  • Automate reference number creation to project demands
  • Create actions and assign responsibility for documents
  • Group documents logically by project, process, or product
  • Create access levels and have full traceability of every document change

Plus much more. Contact us today for a free demo, and see how we can help you take control of your documents.

Features of this solution

Key features of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s Document Management needs include:

Document Management System

Link documents to product tree

Get a clear overview of all the documents related to a product tree item.

Document Management System

Fully configurable documents

Configure your document management system to match your organizational needs and processes.

Document Management System

Dashboards and reporting

Get an overview of all your documents on a central dashboard and find out which ones need attention.

Document Management System

Task management

Manage tasks related to your documents, and get an overview of what needs to be done.

Document Management System

Integrated search

Search for documents based on keywords, document type, and more.

Document Management System

Versioning and traceability

Keep track of different versions of your documents and revert to previous versions if necessary.

Document Management System

Access level management

Control who has access to which documents, and what they can do with them.

Non Conformance Emails

Automated email notifications

Get notified by email when a document is added, deleted, or updated.

Frequently asked questions

The ECLIPSE Software Suite can be fully tailored to your needs. For examples, we offer you can choose between onsite hosting or cloud hosting, and there are also several training and setup services. Contact us to get a fair price that fits with your solution.

Depending on your set up, ECLIPSE Document Management can be up and running in as little as a few day.

No, the ECLIPSE DMS is easy to use and does not require any training. However, we offer training courses if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your investment.

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