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The ECLIPSE Compliance package is the complete set of ECLIPSE Software Suite modules that will support your project for ECSS Compliance.

This package includes solutions for Document Management, Configuration & Change Management, Non-Conformance Management, Risk Management, Review Management (RID), and Task and Action Management. This package supports important ECSS  management, engineering, and product assurance requirements.

ECLIPSE ECSS Compliance Package

The ECLIPSE Software Suite ECSS Compliance Package makes it easier to ensure your project meets the requirements set by the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS). This ECLIPSE Software Solution supports many requirements in the ECSS standard, from document control and quality assurance to review and delivery. With the ECSS Compliance Package, you will make your space project compliant with applicable ECSS rules and requirements and get your project approved and completed faster.

Next to being fully compliant, you will also get the full benefit of the ECLIPSE Document Management System. This will also help you complete your project faster and more efficiently while reducing costs and saving time. Get the ECSS Compliance Package to make sure your project is ECSS compliant and get the most out of your space project.

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Benefits of this solution

Key benefits of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s ECSS Compliance needs include:

ECSS Compliance Package

Cost reduction

You will be able to reduce costs by making sure all requirements are met and save time by implementing a streamlined process.

ECSS Compliance Package

Faster compliance

It helps you maintain compliance with quality standards by providing a complete audit trail of all documents.

ECSS Compliance Package

Improved quality assurance

Since ECSS standards are enforced, you will leverage a higher quality standard within your project.

ECSS Compliance Package

Improved collaboration

The ECSS Compliance Package helps you collaborate with members and associated organisations of ECSS.

What is ECSS?

The European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) sets European standards for space projects. They ensure that all space projects meet specific criteria and quality, safety, and reliability levels.

The European Cooperation for Space Standardization seeks to create a comprehensive, unified set of user-friendly standards applicable to all space activities across Europe. By doing this, its members ensure a high-quality and reliable result from our endeavours in outer space.

Maintaining ECSS Compliance is essential for projects that are being done with ECSS members.

Why do you need the ECSS Compliance package?

The ECSS Compliance Package is designed to help you meet the European space project standards and ensure your project management is up to the standard. It helps ensure your project meets the requirements set for project management so that you can get it approved faster and with less hassle.

Next to this, it also provides you with a comprehensive system. This will make managing your documents more manageable, saving you time and money. It also offers quality assurance plans and review procedures to ensure that your project meets all of the criteria necessary for success.

ECSS Compliance

ECSS Compliance with ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE Software Suite is proud to offer a package that can support you with ECSS compliance. Working with us will:

  • Ensure full compliance with the ECSS standards
  • Improve the safety of space systems
  • Reduce development and operational costs
  • Increase schedule certainty
  • Improve reliability and performance of space systems

ECSS Compliance Package can help make your project management more accessible and efficient.

We understand the importance of meeting these space regulations and standards and are designing our software accordingly.

Features of this solution

Key features of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s ECSS Compliance needs include:

ECSS Compliance Package

Document and Configuration Management

Get a clear overview of all the documents related to a product tree item.

ECSS Compliance Package

Integration of toolset

Configure your document management system to match your organizational needs and processes.

ECSS Compliance Package

Real-time update on progress

Easily create reports and get a real-time overview of your ECSS Project.

ECSS Compliance Package

High level of security

Due to the typical nature of ECSS projects, our system has top-notch security (cloud or on-premises).

ECSS Compliance Package

Integrated search

Search for documents based on keywords, document type, and more.

ECSS Compliance Package

Versioning and traceability

Keep track of different versions of your documents and revert to previous versions if necessary.

ECSS Compliance Package

Access level management

Control who has access to which documents and what they can do with them.

ECSS Compliance Package

Automated email notifications

Get notified by email when a document is added, deleted, or updated.

Frequently asked questions

The ECLIPSE Software Suite can be fully tailored to your needs. For examples, we offer you can choose between onsite hosting or cloud hosting, and there are also several training and setup services. Contact us to get a fair price that fits with your solution.

Depending on your set up, the ECSS Compliance Package can be up and running in as little as a few day.

No, the ECLIPSE ECSS Package is easy to use and does not require any training. However, we offer training courses if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your investment.

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