Save time and energy by optimising your Non-Conformance Management with the ECLIPSE Software Suite.

The ECLIPSE Software Suite has an integrated system to deal with your Non-Conformances. This part can manage your organisation’s Non-Conformance Process from start to finish. This way, you can easily create, receive, track, and resolve NCRs ensuring compliance with standards and requirements.

ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Management

The Non-Conformance Management Solution is an integrated toolset that helps engineers manage Non-Conformances and Deviations within their organization and third parties. This ECLIPSE Software Solution provides a user interface that makes it easy to label, sort, and comment on Non-Conformances. It allows engineers to identify and resolve any issues quickly. Additionally, the package includes a report generator tool that helps to create custom reports on Non-Conformances. This will enable managers to track the progress of resolving any issues.

We understand that Non-Conformances can create significant issue for teams if not appropriately managed, and therefore we have created an integrated system for your team to get awareness fast in order to make corrective actions. So get this package to track, manage, report and deal with Non-Conformances efficiently.

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Benefits with this solution

Key benefits of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s Non-Conformance Management needs include:

Non Conformance Increased efficiency

Improved efficiency

Automates and streamlines the entire NCR process, from receipt to resolution.

Non Conformance Compliance

Faster compliance

It helps you maintain compliance with quality standards by providing a complete audit trail of all NCRs.

Increased transparency

Provides up-to-date, real-time visibility into the status of all outstanding NCRs.

Improved communication

Facilitates communication between all stakeholders involved in the NCR process.

Non-Conformance Management

Improved quality control

Helps you identify and prevent potential issues before they become a big problem.

Non-Conformance Evidence

Documented evidence

It creates a complete record of all NCRs, making it easy to track and report progress.

Non-Conformance Change management

Improved change management

Make changes to your NCR process and procedures easily and quickly.

Non Conformance workflow

Streamlined process

Manage your NCR process from start to finish in a structured way.

Non Conformance Management

What is Non-Conformance Management?

Non-Conformance Management is the process of identifying and addressing errors, deviations, or failures in products, processes, or services. For example, issues may arise with using specific components or labour within your project. Non-Conformance Management is the process on how you find solutions for these issues.

Proper Non-Conformance Management means you put in place corrective actions to prevent future issues to financial penalties for non-compliance.

The Management of Non-Conformances is integral to Quality-Assurance and Product-Assurance in the engineering industry.

Why do you need Non-Conformance Management?

Non-Conformance Management is important because it helps organizations identify and correct errors, deviations, or failures before they cause serious problems.

This can help to improve quality, prevent accidents and injuries, and avoid financial penalties for non-compliance.

Non-Conformance Management also helps organizations learn from their mistakes and prevent future issues.

Non-Conformance Report Template - Simple

Create and track Non-Conformance with ECLIPSE

Do you want to do more by minimizing time waste? With ECLIPSE Software Suite you can:

  • Receive NCRs from multiple sources.
  • Assign Responsibility for corrective action resolution.
    Notify responsible personnel of new NCRs
  • Track the progress of open NCRs.
  • Resolve NCRs and verify corrective actions.
  • Generate reports on NCR activity.
  • Create, manage and coordinate with an NRB.

Plus many more things. Contact us today, to speak with a specialist, and find out how we can improve your processes.

Features of this solution

Key features of using ECLIPSE for your organization’s Non-Conformance Management needs include:

Non Conformance Product tree

Product tree definition

Break down the specific Non-Conformances on individual product tree items and get a clear overview of what you are working on.

Custom Non Conformance

Custom Non-Conformance

Define your Non-Conformance types, and create custom fields that fit with your project.

Non Conformance Dashboards


Get an overview of all your NCs on a central dashboard and find out which Non-Conformances are not yet dealt with.

Non Conformance Management

Task management

Manage tasks related to your NCs, and get an overview of what needs to be done.

RFW Management

Start, assign and track requests for waiver.

Non Conformance Board

NRB Management

Create teams, track assessments, and follow up on actions.

Non Conformance Access level

Access level management

Control who has access to which NCs, and what they can do with them.

Non Conformance Emails

Automated emails

Get notified by email when an NC is assigned to you or updated.

Frequently asked questions

The ECLIPSE Software Suite can be fully tailored to your needs. For examples, we offer you can choose between onsite hosting or cloud hosting, and there are also several training and setup services. Contact us to get a fair price that fits with your solution.

ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Management includes all the features you need to manage your non-conformances, tasks and requests for waiver. These include custom NC types, email notifications, dashboards, task management, RFW management, NRB management and access level management.

Depending on your set up, ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Management can be up and running in as little as a few day.

No, ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Management is easy to use and does not require any training. However, we offer training courses if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your investment.

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