Why your company probably needs an integrated Business Management Software (BMS) now

From centralising your business processes and information management to maximising data security and compliance, a Business Management Software (BMS) offers an array of advantages.

In this blog article, we break down a few of the most important benefits of an integrated BMS and examine why it might be time for your company to implement one.

1. Gain a helicopter view of your business processes

The problem: silos of information

Document management, Risk management, Action/Task Tracking, Project Planning & Cost Management… How many different software packages that support business processes or business functions are running within your company? Most likely more than you would expect. Typically, all of these run independently of each other, and that eventually leads to information silos.

In case there are too many different software applications used within your company, you are lacking a central access point to view critical company information. Utilising several different software applications, not only lead to spending more time in managing them, but it can also make you prone to make more errors, lose sight on details, reduce efficiency, and generally have your growth process slowed down.

The solution: centralisation and optimisation

By adopting an integrated BMS software, such as our ECLIPSE Software Suite, you can have the chance of not only replacing a large part of any existing decentralised software systems and cut down on the time you spend managing them, but, at the same time, gain a better understanding on how your company functions. What does this mean? You simply gain comprehensive and real-time insights on which aspects of your business operations are going smoothly and which weak areas might need attention and improvement.

By integrating different software silos together in one Business Management Software, all company information can be found in one system: a single source that everyone, whether that is your employees or your supply chain, has access to. It can be safe to say that the better job you do at centralising your business processes, the more control you gain over them and eventually optimise them in order to ensure success.

2. Improve efficiency and cut down on costs

The problem: a waste of resources

In addition to the lack of clarity and information silos, the biggest disadvantage of multiple applications or software systems within a company is a quite apparent one: the time and resources required to manage and maintain them.

When information is stored within different applications, accessing them can become very tedious. Not only your employees will spend more time and effort in extracting or transfering data from one application to the other one, but, manual extraction of data can always leave the door open to human errors. The result? Your company will end up spending more time on administration than on work that adds value.

Another issue of a decentralised business management approach that should be mentioned is lack of flexibility. Any changes in one part of a project or business operation will most likely affect other aspects as well. What this means, is that your teams will have to make sure that changes are implemented across different platforms in a consistent way.

Lastly, while a decentralised IT environment can be functional for a while, the cost of its ownership remains high and raises the obvious question: how maintainable is it?

The solution: a cost-effective, collaborative platform

An integrated BMS such as ECLIPSE Suite minimises all of the above issues. It eliminates the need for manual data extraction and transfer and, at the same time, allows you to easily respond to changes or additional processes.

With IT no longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them, a significant reduction in operational costs can be realised while IT-time can be spent improving the business operations.  

By being highly customizable, it also enables your teams to activate additional modules at any time. Adjustments are made quickly through centralised administration and configuration, and for those dedicated 3rd party applications you must have separately, integration is possible through API’s that are efficient to implement. All in all, hidden costs and lost time are minimised, and the productivity of your team increases as operations become smoother.

3. Improve security & compliance

The problem: more vulnerability points and errors

Data is everywhere in your business. And, especially when it comes to large projects, safeguarding these data should be your top priority. A decentralised business management system simply creates multiple vulnerability points, as you have to keep up with updating multiple security layers.

In addition, in case your projects require a certain level of standard compliance, being on top of those standards and maintaining them across a large number of platforms can be time-consuming and again leave you exposed to errors or other threats.

The solution: a trusted, automated software suite

Valued and trusted integrated BMS systems, such as our ECLIPSE Suite, will help you keep your data safe, and deliver all the compliance controls in the background or as automated process flows. Examples of that include audit logs, electronic ‘read and approved signatures’, secure action management tasks, documentation version control, and many more features that ensure that you are compliant to standards and securely restricting access to data sets. By managing information security centrally, you can control policies, procedures, and data flow, ensuring that confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data are always considered.

The bottom line: Growth brings success, but it always comes with a price: complexity. The larger your organisation becomes, the more evident the need for streamlining your processes becomes. Especially when it comes to projects that involve a large number of data, stakeholders, and review cycles, easy access and a clear pathway for information flow become imperative. Even if your company is at its early stages, if your vision is set on growth, laying the groundwork for a smooth business function should be your priority.

Discover the ECLIPSE Software Suite

Our ECLIPSE Software Suite is a BMS with a proven track record of supporting the project and mission management of several space organisations within different stages of their growth for more than 10 years. Offering a streamlined user experience and centralised project insights with real-time dashboards and reports, ECLIPSE Software Suite can provide a secure and trusted environment for your business and project management needs.

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