Webinar How to manage your formal space project reviews in ECLIPSE

Webinar: How to Manage Your Formal Space Project Reviews in ECLIPSE

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the ECLIPSE Software Suite can help you manage your documentation. We will show how a Space project utilises the software and how your organisation can incorporate these principles.


In this webinar we will demonstrate how ECLIPSE will handle your Project Milestone Reviews such as a Qualification Review (QR) and System Readiness Review (SRR), in the most efficiently way. This proven technology has already been adopted by the big primes in Space. We will discuss how specialists can easily collaborate on reviewing project documentation within the eRID module of the ECLIPSE Software Suite.

With eRID you can easily collaborate within your organisation, as well as inviting your supply chain, external product experts and customer into the Milestone Review.

ECLIPSE provides the ability to perform end-to-end space project reviews remotely and electronically, from the initial creation and exchange of the technical documentation. This is done through the RID Review process which includes all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Next to this, it can create follow-up actions, end-item notifications, and assistance to close your datapacks fast.

What you will learn in this webinar:

This webinar will give you insights on how you can manage reviews more efficiently with ECLIPSE will explain the basics of our eRID module and we will take a look at how you can manage reviews. We will also discuss how the management of documents and action tracking is done all within the ECLIPSE Software Suite.

We will discuss the three main processes:

1) How document and datapack delivery is done with our DCCM module.
With the DCCM module you can upload documents and datapacks and share them with your reviewer(s) for check-out.
• Save time sharing documents
• Spend less time sending files back and forth

2) How the Review Management and Action Tracking is done via our eRID module.
With the eRID module, reviewers can easily provide RIDs on the documents in DCCM, and evaluate the risk of a specific process or change. Next to this, it is easy to collaborate on these reviews and make sure all RID/Reviews/Issues are closed when the project moves to its next stage. Access to the shared documents and datapacks is securely managed.
• Collaborate with other reviews and make sure reviews are closed
• Make sure the right people are reviewing documents
• Reduce risk to your project
• Ensure your project is ECSS compliant

3) How you can easily create and get insights from eRID’s Review Status Reporting.
With the reporting functionality in eRID you can easily provide the right information to your management, to engineers working on processes and improvement initiatives, or simply using it for reporting.
• Easily track the review status
• See which reviews are in process
• Easily get insights for management
• Reduce time on reporting

The ECLIPSE Software Suite that is highly effective in the space industry, however with the capabilities of this software suite, it is not only limited to space projects or high-reliability products.

With the ECLIPSE Software Suite you are able to easily provide your management with the information they need for their project reviews by pulling data from either eRID or DCCM reports.