ECLIPSE software suite 4.1 release

Today Sapienza announces the release of the ECLIPSE software suite version 4.1 to all its customers and users. This new exciting release offers several new features and benefits to the following modules:

In addition to the enhancements to these existing modules, a new module called INTEX has been launched. It enables a privileged user or administrator to configure automated import and export connectors for the DCCM module.

The key features of the ECLIPSE suite 4.1 release are:

  • New layout modification introduces a new stacked view and enables the user to switch between the new stacked view and the previous grid view by clicking on the “Switch between stacked and grid views” button in AIM, DCCM and eRID.
  • Custom Approval cycles have been introduced to DAB, with the ability to pre-determine default approvers.
  • New DASH graphs have been introduced into NCTS for real-time on-screen NCR reporting.
  • DCCM Excel and XML Import screens have been re-vamped and now feature the new Queue display. These replace the former Documents and Collection Import and XML Import processes.
  • In eRISK, it is now possible to create automatic Reference Generator(s), which can be used to assign Risk Reference Numbers according to the Risk Management Plan.
  • INTEX is a module that enables a privileged user or Administrator to configure automated import and export connectors for the DCCM module, to and from an SFTP location.

Find more details on the new features and further improvements on the ECLIPSE software suite by following the ECLIPSE page on LinkedIn to stay updated. Would you like to know more about the ECLIPSE software suite? Request a demonstration now!