ECLIPSE Suite 3.6 Release

Sapienza releases today the ECLIPSE suite version 3.6 to all its customers and users. This new release offers several new features and benefits of the following modules:

The key features of the ECLIPSE suite 3.6 release are:

  • Simple and advanced search options are now offered in eRISK software module
  • eRISK provides additional reporting function by Heat Map display of risk items
  • ICMDB offers a new product presentation layout
  • Technology Tree administration in the ICMDB module
  • PAM Product Tree administration improvements
  • EEE parts are uniquely identified by using number combination,
  • Manufacturer and Country
  • DCCM reference generator improvement
  • DASH now provides cross project AIM dashboard
  • Default dashboard reports are available in eRISK

Find more details on the new features and further improvements on the ECLIPSE suite Wikipedia page. Would you like to know more about the ECLIPSE suite? Request a demonstration now!