Training Curriculum

We cover every ECLIPSE product and every role, with flexible options for learning in classrooms or virtual settings. Our classes are taught by ECLIPSE experts. They will provide you with hands on guidance on actual business situations. Training includes lectures, discussions, interactive demonstrations and assignments.

Where do we deliver the training?

The training curriculum can be brought to you in two ways:

  • Classroom: We can deliver the training in a physical location so your team can be present in the same room as our ECLIPSE trainer and have a more personal experience. Typically we deliver training at client sites.
  • Virtual: Enjoy the flexibility of learning from anywhere with our remote training options. We deliver training directly to your team remotely via Teams.

How do we offer the training?

Our optimized remote training schedule utilizes shorter bursts of lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, keeping you engaged and focused throughout the day. Remote training is supported by a training schedule optimized for remote delivery. As opposed to classroom based training, it uses shorter iterations of slides – demonstration – assignments.

How long does the ECLIPSE training take?

Training packages are designed with specific durations in mind. When multiple courses are combined for the same audience, we can often streamline the program for increased efficiency.

Training packages

The training packages are designed with a specific target audience in mind. For example,

  • Essentials level for the majority of regular users
  • Advanced level for documentalists, Risk managers, PA managers
  • Administrator for administrators

For each ECLIPSE module and solution that you purchase we can offer a separate training package.

DCCM Training

Three training packages are available: DCCM Essentials, DCCM Advanced and DCCM Administrator. DCCM Essentials is a basic training course enabling users to retrieve documents, create documents and manage the document lifecycle. DCCM Advanced covers more complex features, such as the import function and document collections. DCCM Administrator allows users to tailor the application to the needs of the environment and set user access. Because of the large number of features in this module, it is strongly advised that participants in DCCM Advanced and DCCM Administrator complete DCCM Essentials first.

eRID Training

eRID training is organized by RID review role rather than level. The following training packages are available: eRID for RID Creators, Panel Chairmen and Secretaries, Contractors and Review Managers. They explain how eRID can be used to complete the activities for any role throughout RID reviews. With the exception of eRID for Review Managers, the training courses per role are short sessions of about an hour, allowing them to be embedded into kick-off meetings.

AIM Training

AIM captures Action Items raised from various ECLIPSE software suite modules. Creating, viewing and recording progress on Action Items, therefore, is covered in training courses for modules that initiate these Action Items. AIM training, however, can also be requested as a separate training. Due to the limited complexity of AIM it is available as AIM essentials and AIM Administrator.

eNCTS Training

Three training packages are available for eNTCS: eNCTS Essentials, eNCTS Advanced and eNCTS Administrator. eNCTS Essentials covers basic training enabling users to search for Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) and NC Review Boards (NRBs), and NCR creation. eNCTS Advanced covers the use of complex features used by Product Assurance managers, such as NRB creation, closing NCRs and the import function. eNCTS Administrator users will be able to tailor the application to the needs of the environment and set user access.

eRISK Training

Three training packages are available: eRISK Essentials, eRISK Advanced and eRISK Administrator. eRISK Essentials is a basic training course enabling users to create risks and retrieve them. eRISK Advanced covers more complex features, such as lifecycle management of risks and risk assessments. eRISK Administrator allows users to tailor the application to the needs of the environment and set user access.

DAB Training

For the DAB Module we have two trainings available the DAB Application Creator and DAB User training courses. DAB Applications creators learn how to create processes within the DAB Module, while DAB users learn how to enter their data into the process.

Other modules and solutions

For the other modules and solutions of ECLIPSE, training can be delivered without a training package. Such training will be organised, prepared and delivered based on the needs of the training requester.

Get your team ready to use ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE training offers flexibility to fit your learning style (classroom or virtual) and schedule (shorter remote sessions or longer in-person). Training packages are available for each module and solution. Contact us to learn more about the Training Curriculum or learn more about the Tailored Training.

Training made for project success

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