Webinar Non-Conformance Management with ECLIPSE

Webinar: Non-Conformance Management with ECLIPSE

This webinar will demonstrate how ECLIPSE Suite will handle your Non-Conformance Management through its eNCTS Module. We will discuss how you can easily collaborate on Non-Conformances Reports and manage your Quality and Product Assurance.


With the eNCTS Module, you can easily create, manage and resolve Non-Conformance Reports. The system provides custom fields, search functionalities, scalability, a structured approach, and integration with various project management tools. Next to this, the ECLIPSE module is ECSS and ISO Compliant, making it a way to ensure that your project meets the highest quality standards.

What will you learn:

To better understand Non-Conformance Management, we will discuss the end to end process of Non-Conformances within ECLIPSE. We will explain the meaning of Non-Conformances (NC’s), how to create Non-Conformance Reports (NCR), how to manage them and resolve them. Next to this, we will show you how specialists can easily collaborate on Non-Conformances and manage their Quality Assurance and Product Acceptance.

What we will discuss:

There are three main topics we will discuss non-conformance management in this webinar.

1) Create a Non-Conformance Report:

There are multiple options to customise and create NCR’s. Once you have created an NCR, you can assign the NCR’s to different users, groups, and organisations to collaborate on these NCR’s.
• Save time creating Non-Conformance Reports.
• Make tailor-made templates.
• Spend less time sending files back and forth.
• Assign the NCR’s too specific users.

2) Tracking Non-Conformances Reports:

Tracking Non-Conformances is essential for project managers, quality managers, and suppliers. This is why ECLIPSE allows you to track Non-Conformances with many different filters, search functionalities and custom fields.
• Get a list of all NCR’s you need.
• Filter the NCR list based on status and owner.
• Search for specific text within non-conformance reports.
• View all published non-conformances from a specific supplier or project.
• Get an overview in a dashboard report.

3) Resolve a Non-Conformance item:

Resolving Non-Conformances is essential to project success; we will discuss how to manage the statuses and close Non-Conformance items easily. We will also show you how the system provides a structured approach to keep your project team informed about their tasks.
• Define a resolution process based on your needs.
• Change the status of an NCR with custom workflow rules.
• Reopen a closed document when new information becomes available.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to learn more about Non-Conformance Management can join. Due to the software’s ECSS compliance and space project focus, learning about the ECLIPSE Software Suite is particularly useful for people in the space sector. However, any product or project requiring a high level of project management and quality assurance can use this solution.

Whether you are unfamiliar with the ECLIPSE Suite or have already used it for many years, this webinar will give you insights into the latest features and benefits. Attendees will get the chance to send messages directly to our consultants asking any questions related to document management.