Non-Conformance Tracking System module screen


Non-Conformance Tracking System

The ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS) module is the only commercially available ECSS (European Collaboration for Space Standardization) compliant software that enables recording, monitoring and closure of Non-Conformances (NCs) found during the design, manufacture, assembly, integration and testing phases of space system engineering projects.

The eNCTS tool removes the need for managing NCs (and all its associated information) via time-consuming, error-prone, paper-oriented processes.

eNCTS provides the Quality and Space Product Assurance functions with improved visibility into the status of NCs, as well as a structured approach to collecting and managing critical data associated to the NC resolution and product realisation process.

eNCTS is exploitable both internally by the organisation in charge of the product realisation, as well as externally by suppliers of components and subsystems.

The typical outcome of a Non-Conformance Review Board (NRB) is the NC classification and investigation into the issue, which might result in several Action Items being allocated to NRB participants in order to close the NC.

The process of managing AIs is also integrated into the Non-Conformance Tracking System module. This ensures full traceability and closure of all events associated with the NC and NRB process.

eNCTS Features

  • Access to NCs, NRBs, actions and attachments, based on user’s product tree access
  • Allows linking of related NCs
  • Provides Quality and space Product Assurance functions
  • Supports in-line editing of NRB information
  • Provides fully customisable metadata fields for NCs and NRBs
  • Provides one-click access to NRB participants, attachments and actions
  • Provides NC status reporting
  • Centralised logging of all NRB-related actions in AIM
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
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