Space Tech Expo 2022

ECLIPSE Team at Space-Comm Expo 2022

As the leading provider of software solutions for space projects & mission management, we will showcase our software at the Space Tech Expo in Farnborough on 7 and 8 September 2022. Come and visit us at Stand F18 to see how our software can help you streamline your space project processes and improve your overall performance.

Take the opportunity to meet with our team of experts and learn more about space project control, quality assurance, and configuration management solutions. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a demonstration of the ECLIPSE Software Suite.

Our stand will provide:

  • An overview of the ECLIPSE Software Suite
  • A showcase and demonstration of the software
  • Information on additional services and customisations
  • Answers to your project and document control questions
  • The opportunity to meet with our team

Set up a meeting with our team

If you want to reserve time with us, email one of our team members Ross Irvine and Mike Dubach to set up a meeting, or send us a message in the contact form.

About the ECLIPSE Software Suite

The digital solution ECLIPSE Software Suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency. The single end-to-end solution brings value to every member of a project team by enhancing and integrating Project Management, Project Assurance, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management activities.

ECLIPSE Suite is the only collaborative suite of integrated applications designed with the invaluable experience of space and defence industry professionals. The ECLIPSE Suite is instrumental to the successful operations of numerous (inter)national Space Agencies, Large Platform System Integrators and SMEs across Europe.

The ECLIPSE Software Suite Modules include:

  • The Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) module allows project members to create a document, its reference, applicability and status according to pre-defined user access rights and security rules.
  • The Action Items Manager (AIM) functions as a dashboard because it monitors and reports on all the workflow actions created by other ECLIPSE Software Suite modules. AIM provides its users with a centralised access point to all existing actions within a specific project environment.
  • The Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS) module is the only commercially available ECSS-compliant software that enables the recording, monitoring and closure of Non-Conformances (NCs) found during the design, manufacture, assembly, integration and testing phases of space system engineering projects.
  • The Risk Management Module (eRISK) helps with identifying, analysing, and monitoring project risks throughout the project lifecycle. Risks can be identified in the early stages of a project, and their evolution is monitored until the end of the project. The eRISK module provides its users with valuable decision-making tools to register, avoid, transfer and mitigate risks.
  • The Review Items of Discrepancy Module (eRID) module supports space project and mission teams through the preparation, set-up, management and control of formal project and mission reviews. The eRID module provides the means for space project review participants to access deliverable data packs, contractual or technical baselines, as well as requirements documentation online. The eRID module supports the complete approval and review process, the assignment and management of related actions and the eventual closure of discrepancies (RIDs).
  • The Database Application Builder (DAB) replaces your uncontrolled and risk-prone spreadsheets with a secure, robust and configurable software product. DAB allows you to build your own online collaborative database. Manage your processes and data with your colleagues using existing functionalities already available across ECLIPSE in your custom Applications and link them across all modules.
  • The Dashboard Manager (DASH) module Uses MS Excel standard reporting capabilities allowing users to create project-specific dashboards customisable to users’ needs. This provides users with the capability to analyse key data quickly for better decision-making and production and review of KPIs for any project or program.


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