ECLIPSE Risk Management module screen


ECLIPSE Risk Management

Space systems are inherently complex as they require new technologies and new designs which introduce increased risks. Not only do risk items have a negative effect on cost and schedule but, in Space projects, these can also have a drastic effect on the mission requirements such as the loss of scientific value due to malfunctions of on-board instruments or loss of public support if there are catastrophic failures.

The ECLIPSE Risk Management (eRISK) module fully supports the specific Risk Management process needs of Space projects and missions. It allows recording, monitoring, assessing and resolving risks identified and associated with a complex engineering or scientific project.

The eRISK tool can be customised to collect all the required details of a risk item. Any type of risk items can be entered and assessed in the module. Typically, these would be categorised with respect to the impact on Cost, Schedule or Technical areas.

The assessment can be performed by assigning values to the likelihood of occurrence and severity of the risk item and ranking them on a multi-dimensional matrix. ECLIPSE Risk Management (eRISK) also allows the full traceability of risk assessment results and the decisions taken with respect to risk acceptance and / or mitigation actions. The actions are recorded in both eRISK and the Action Items Manager (AIM) modules and are tracked through their evolution to close-out.

All the decisions made by using the Action Items can be traced any time, which allows appropriate project members to have the relevant information available to draw the final decision regarding the risk item. The eRISK module also provides its users with a comprehensive reporting possibility for producing tabular, narrative or trend reports

eRISK features

  • Supports full Risk Management processing
  • Provides risk register capabilities
  • Provides risk assessment history for each risk item
  • ECLIPSE Risk Management provides user-level security
  • Integrates risk-related actions with AIM
  • Customisable risk matrix size and ranking criteria
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
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