Database Application Builder module screen


Database Application Builder

In the specialised world of the Space sector, many business processes or entities are still managed or recorded in spreadsheets. This leads to lack of security, workflow and version control, and is limited in integration to other systems.

ECLIPSE Software Suite has realised, through years of experience, that bespoke software development can be expensive. With this in mind, we have created a configurable software product that allows users to build their own database with the flexibility to manage processes and entities using existing functionalities already available in the other ECLIPSE modules, thus removing high development costs of building a bespoke application.

The ECLIPSE Database Application Builder (DAB) module can support most business processes of a managerial, financial, contractual or engineering nature such as:

  • Lessons Learned Database
  • Project Milestone Database (financial and engineering)
  • Request for Deviation / Request for Waiver Database
  • Inventory Management Database

DAB features

  • The Database Application Builder (DAB) allows you to create your application easily within hours
  • Accessible on the web from anywhere
  • Removes the shortfalls of spreadsheets: lack of security, lack of workflow, lack of integration to other databases, lack of version control
  • Integrates with all other ECLIPSE software modules
  • The Database Application Builder (DAB) is simple to use and administrate
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