By obtaining ECLIPSE from Sapienza, IberEspacio has harmonised their processes and centralised their key Poject Management Office activities in a clear coherent way. Their experience, is that centralising the processes within ECLIPSE has brought them greater efficiencies to their projects by reducing time and resources to manage these key processes. An additional benefit of using ECLIPSE is that it has brought cost savings from an IT perspective by allowing them to remove old legacy applications, which needed to be maintained and run on separate servers.

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Customer Needs

IberEspacio has grown over the last few years and with this new business they required a more integrated and consistent way of working. The shared drives and “in-house” SW solutions were inefficient and lacked configuration control and process drivers. Their initial need was to focus on their document management control and non-conformance management along with associated actions and their secondary need was to address RISK management and KPR reporting.

IberEspacio supplies thermal control hardware and engineering solutions for satellites and spacecrafts including Heat Pipes, Loop Heat Pipes, Thermo-Structural Radiators, Thermal Controls Systems and Thermal Blankets.

"We are exposed to a dynamic and competitive world-wide commercial market: as a SME it is mandatory to keep looking for improvements on the efficiencies and the flexibility of the tools available to the project teams and to the Company. We have found in ECLIPSE a sound tool that will help us reduce both set up and managing efforts, providing also high customization of the modules and always staying within the ECSS standards perimeter"

Stefano Naclerio, Programs Director, at IberEspacio

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