The ECLIPSE Software Suite brings Septentrio the benefits of higher efficiency in the daily work, a single source of key project documentation and actions, and ability to report on projects status in a simple and quick way. By choosing the hosted version of the ECLIPSE suite Septentrio was able to start using ECLIPSE very quickly removing the need for additional procurement software and hardware and hence lowering the total cost of ownership for their ECLIPSE implementation.

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Septentrio NV was looking for the ability to gain enhanced control over their document configuration and subsequent formal data-pack deliveries for project milestone reviews. In addition, they wanted to consolidate and control their actions in a structured, controlled way which was previously done by excel and emails. Another requirement was to obtain a hosted version of ECLIPSE suite.

Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells highly accurate GPS/GNSS receivers, for demanding applications requiring accuracies in the decimeter or centimeter range, even under difficult conditions. Septentrio was started as a spin-off of IMEC - the world's largest and most advanced semiconductor research institute with over 2500 researchers.

“We are proud to welcome on board Septentrio NV. This procurement of the ECLIPSE suite follows an accelerating standardisation trend which now sees the ECLIPSE suite being selected by a fast growing number of institutional and industrial space sector players. We are very glad to see this trend develop, and we hope it will help us fulfil our goal to bring further standardization to the space sector through our ECLIPSE Space project support software and services.”

Andrea Bennetti, Commercial Director at Sapienza Consulting

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