Project Control and Management module screen


Project Control and Management

In the fast-moving modern business environment, gaining control of planning, adapting, and delivering projects is a continuous challenge. Failing to completely conquer complexity, analyse and react to project variables at an early stage can trigger cascading effects and have significant consequences on project cost, delivery time and, ultimately, business profitability.

The PCM module gives teams the ability to plan, track, schedule and manage resources in real time across an entire portfolio of projects. Having all these capabilities in one place, along with the reporting and forecasting features, simplifies high-level planning and makes it easier for managers to drill into details without losing sight of the big picture. This, in turn, reduces the time spent in over-planning work and leads to improved efficiency and increased schedule accuracy.

PCM is a web-based, interactive, collaborative and flexible planning and reporting tool, which is centered on a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach that can be customised to various business needs.  It integrates time(sheets) and budget tracking, using custom billing and charge-out rates to quantify the return on the team’s time investments and inform decisions on resource allocation and utilisation. The Work Breakdown Structure is recorded with the associated custom information needed to track costs at all levels so as to keep the project cost on track and aligned with its budget. Dashboards include custom metrics needed by the project and display a live timeline of current and future work. Custom scenarios can be used to forecast project milestone achievement, resources and costs.

The Project Control Module time-saving benefit is multiplied by integration within the ECLIPSE application suite. It combines with the management of risks, actions, documents (contractual and technical) and deliverables to provide instant insight (via Dashboards) into project activities and milestones.

PCM features

  • Create multi-level WBS for each project
  • Easy-to-use time entry and tracking
  • All-in-one view to define Work Package duration, allocate budget and resources
  • The Product Control Module supports cost and schedule control at Work Package level and aggregate
  • Extensive search and custom reporting capabilities
  • Interfaces with other ECLIPSE software modules (e.g. eRISK, AIM, DCCM, DAB, DASH)