What can YOU do with ECLIPSE Software Suite?

The ECLIPSE Software Suite team offers a robust set of tools designed to work effectively on various aspects of Space Product Management.

Our goal is to support Space Project Lifecycle Management, while ensuring that our customer can count on standards such as ECSS.

In the image below you see an overview of the services and products we have around the ECLIPSE brand, and how we can support you.

The three categories that ECLIPSE can help you in are: Products. Solutions, and Services.

We will discuss each product next

ECLIPSE Software Suite Circle


These are individual software components of the ECLIPSE Suite that can address specific tasks within a Space Systems Engineering Project. ECLIPSE Products include:

  • eRID = Review Items of Discrepancy: Streamlines the management of formal project reviews. It enables online review setup, assigning access rights, and managing technical documentation.
  • DAB = Database Application Builder: Empowers users to create secure, online collaborative databases. It replaces error-prone spreadsheets with a robust system for managing project data and processes.
  • eNCTS = ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Tracking System: We are proud to deliver you software for managing non-conformances, we will support your project to match requirements. eNCTS enables recording, tracking, and closure of non-conformances throughout your project lifecycle.
  • AIM = Action Items Management: Provides a central hub for tracking action items. It offers customizable metadata, facilitates searching and reporting, and ensures accountability for task completion.
  • EEE = Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical Database: You can create a central repository for managing EEE parts used in space projects. It facilitates parts selection, creation of online DCLs (Declared Components Lists), and traceability of EEE part usage across projects.
  • DASH = Dashboard Manager: Provides real-time visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) through customizable dashboards. It allows users to generate reports and leverage graphical visualizations for core modules like AIM and NCTS.
  • PCM = Project Control and Management: Enables effective project planning, budgeting, and monitoring. It offers functionalities for timesheet entry, cost tracking, reporting, and creating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS).
  • eRISK = ECLIPSE Risk Management: Supports the entire risk management process for space projects. It facilitates risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and tracking.
  • DCCM = Document Configuration and Change Management: Ensures document control throughout a project lifecycle. It facilitates document creation, approval workflows, secure access based on user roles, and customizable metadata.


Each solution is a pre-configured packages that combine various ECLIPSE products. ECLIPSE solutions include:

  • Process Management: Streamline workflows for activities like design reviews, manufacturing, and testing.
  • Workflow Management: Automate repetitive tasks and ensure efficient process execution.
  • Review Management: Manage and track formal project and mission reviews effectively.
  • Requirements Management: Effectively manage project requirements, ensuring traceability and verification.
  • Project Management: Gain control over project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and budgeting.
  • Document Management: Implement a centralized system for document creation, storage, retrieval, and revision control.
  • Risk Management: Proactively identify, assess, and mitigate project risks.
  • Quality Management: Ensure adherence to quality standards throughout the project lifecycle.


The services are the main human executed aspects. We offer these so our customers can get even more value. ECLIPSE services include:

  • Helpdesk: Support and assistance to users.
  • Data Migration: Migration of existing data into the ECLIPSE platform.
  • Configuration: Tailoring the software to meet specific project or company requirements.
  • User Scalability: Accommodate a growing number of users on your platforms.
  • Implementations: Support during the software onboarding.
  • On-premise Installation: Install the software on a local server.
  • SaaS Hosting: Provide access through the web.
  • Consulting: Optimize the use of ECLIPSE for project needs.
  • Training: Help users get the most out of the ECLIPSE and Space Project Management.

Common values we have for our services

When we look at Products, Solutions and Services we should focus on the following common values:

  • Flexibility: Customers can get a tailored system.
  • Innovation: We explore new ways to support.
  • Security: Several options facilitate maximum security.
  • Transparency: We clearly communicate with your Space team.
  • Growth: We can scale together with our clients.