Use of ECLIPSE during the development of the HyperSat project, enabled Creotech team to implement modern space project management and engineering techniques including MBSE-based approach and engineering simulation packages.
Additionally, by using ECLIPSE modules Creotech was able to establish ECSS standards centric project flow elements

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With a goal to develop an open software and hardware satellite platform that will extend CubeSat capability and popularity, Creotech needed an efficient space project management tool that would suit the fast paced needs of commercial CubeSat projects. ECLIPSE suite modules allowed the HyperSat team to build an integrated and collaborative environment with high level of customisation to give an answer to its project needs

HyperSat is a modular, versatile satellite CubeSat platform that, equipped with specialized instruments, will enable a broad spectrum of space missions, ranging from radar to telecommunication to optical ones. HyperSat is developed by Creotech Instruments S.A. - Industry leader of the Polish space sector. The company successfully implements a range of space projects (mainly for the European Space Agency.

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