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The main benefit of using ECLIPSE at Reaction Engines was cost reductions. The ECLIPSE automated processing of the RID’s and their associated actions replaced previous manual (Excel and Word) processing of the RIDs, estimated at saving 40-60 man hours of management per review.
ECLIPSE allows the project to generate, manage and process their data packs efficiently. Furthermore, the nature of the RID tool removes the duplication of RID’s and integrates the required actions to complete the updates of documents from the initial RID’s, bring further man hour savings of those creating RIDs.

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In 2017 Reaction Engines obtained funding from ESA to construct a demonstrator of their cutting-edge Sabre engine. With this funding came the need to be aligned with the ECSS RID process for their documentation. The initial SRR was managed in word and Excel and meant huge manual management of all the RID’s and associated actions. It was quickly realised by the management team that greater efficiency to this process needed to be obtained.

Reaction Engines is a UK-based company formed in 1989 to design and develop the technologies needed for a new class of innovative hypersonic propulsion system – the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE).

"Through the experience of managing the SABRE Demonstrator SRR review in Excel sheets and Word documents, it became apparent that we would need a proven and cost effective solution to reduce the setup, management and cost of future reviews. After obtaining a consultative visit by Sapienza where they presented the integrated nature of their ECLIPSE software suite, as well as their heritage and knowledge in supporting European space programmes and their competitive licensing, it was an easy decision to undertake. We have found in ECLIPSE a proven, cost effective toolset to support our projects for the future."

Shaun Driscoll, Programmes Director of Reaction Engines

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